Posted on: February 1st 2023

LAE students attend HM Treasury insight evening at UCS

40 students from LAE were privileged to be invited to a talk by representatives of HM Treasury in an Evening of Economics at UCS on Monday 30 January. 

As the Government's economic and finance ministry, HM Treasury maintains control over public spending, sets the direction of the UK's economic policy and works to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.  The Treasury is at the heart of political decision-making in the UK. 

Speakers Belle and Daniel shared their experiences of working at the Treasury.  Their enlightening talk provided an overview of how the Treasury operates and gave specific insights into topics like how the Department sanctions Russian entities and individuals over the war with Ukraine. 

We were delighted to see the engagement and interest demonstrated by LAE students who asked insightful and thought provoking questions during the Q&A around topics such as the impact of hybrid working on regional inequality and (in)efficent land use.