About LAE

Values, Ethos and Aims

London Academy of Excellence (LAE) is the academic sixth form for independent thinkers. We cultivate expertise and character traits to enable students from all backgrounds to access the most demanding, most rewarding degrees, degree-equivalent courses, and professions. We want to develop academically resilient learners who are fully prepared to lead happy, productive adult lives and to contribute positively to society.

LAE core values

Our core values underpin our thoughts, words and actions. We are proud to be an inclusive school community that promotes equality in an environment where cultural and religious diversity is regarded as positive. Everyone at LAE can express their viewpoints and beliefs in safety. The fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are embedded throughout the school experience. Our core values:

  • Excellence
  • Humility
  • Independence
  • Kindness
  • Resilience
  • Respect

Our Student Council plays an active role in exemplifying these values, as does our House system and the numerous charity events and activities that take place. Our students engage intellectually with controversial and contemporary issues through the lecture programme, PSHE tutorials and the large number of educational trips and visits that take place. The values and ethos of the school make it a truly special environment in which to work and study.

School ethos

We hope you will be struck as you walk through the corridors at LAE by the high level of academic buzz and intellectual curiosity. These characteristics are palpable. Students and staff alike come in each day with a desire and intent to stretch themselves and share their fascination for their subjects. A love of learning for its own sake is at the heart of every lesson.

This ethos is key to preparing our students for life at university, where they will follow their academic passions to an even higher level. Before LAE opened in 2012, there was a genuine paucity of opportunities for students in this area to take facilitating A levels and access top universities. We have quickly established ourselves as the place to do this. If you want to secure a place on one of the most competitive university courses, then come to LAE.

We have strong links with a number of independent schools including our six partner schools. Traditionally these schools have been successful at securing places for their sixth formers at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities. You won't find these invaluable links at any other school. Coupled with our strong links with the universities themselves, our provision is unique.

School aims

LAE seeks to impart or provide:

  1. a love of learning for its own sake
  2. an excellent A level education which gives every student the very best chance of securing a place at a leading university
  3. expert guidance on university application and careers
  4. an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom – in particular sport, music and the performing arts
  5. respect for difference in others and a recognition that the efforts and achievement of every individual in our community are valued.