Posted on: September 13th 2023

Student Advisory Committee to the House of Lords

Following a nationwide search, and with hundreds of schools applying, LAE is honoured to have been selected as one of only six schools in the country to help form a student advisory committee to the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee. 

With this amazing opportunity, LAE students will be able to contribute directly to the inquiry on electric vehicles (EVs). The inquiry focuses on passenger cars and will examine the importance of the decarbonisation of transport and transition to EVs to secure Net Zero targets. The inquiry aims to understand how the Government will achieve the upcoming 2030 and 2035 deadlines for the phase out dates for non-zero emission vehicles, and explore the main obstacles and barriers to meeting these targets. 

At LAE climate change and the biodiversity crisis forms part of the curriculum across a range of subjects, including politics, biology, geography, and philosophy; we host academic experts to speak to our students about environmental issues and have assembly talks about our impact on the environment.  

Now, our students will experience House of Lords evidence sessions, answer questions posed by the committee, and give feedback on their findings. They will also have the opportunity to speak directly to the Peers and debate their ideas.  The chair of the committee, currently Baroness Parminter, will be scheduling a visit to LAE and our students will also be invited to visit the House of Lords.  

This is a real opportunity for students to make a difference and we are delighted to have been selected to take part!