Posted on: June 9th 2022

LAE among finalists for World’s Best School Prizes

LAE is honoured to be among the finalists for the new $250,000 World’s Best School Prizes, launched this year by T4 Education in partnership with Accenture and American Express.


LAE is a finalist in the category of Supporting Healthy Lives, one of five areas of school activity celebrated by the prizes. The school’s submission focused on the exceptional work done by its pastoral team and student networks in supporting our students’ mental health and wellbeing.


Headteacher Alex Crossman said: “The recent pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the importance of caring for young people’s mental wellbeing. Recognition of LAE’s work in this field further underlines our commitment to offering a caring, holistic education; far removed from being a simple academic ‘hot house’.”


Several thousand schools from around the world submitted applications across the five categories. Were LAE to win the $50,000 prize, the School is committed to using the funds to help sponsor and develop mental health networks in other schools. The School will also lead a session at World Education Week in October.