Posted on: March 20th 2024

Tackling Global Issues at the Model United Nations

Mun 24 lecture theatreStudents from LAE's inaugural Model United Nations club took part in the LSEMUN High School congress this weekend alongside hundreds of young people from the UK and abroad.  Taking on the role of diplomats they tackled pressing global issues. 

For students, the experience was exceptionally rewarding, with the conference's focus on crisis scenarios students were both invigorated and challenged throughout their time at LSE: "This weekend has been so exhausting but at the same time one of the best things I've done," sharesstudent Olivia, "I was on the Military Crisis Committee and I learned so much and had so much fun."

LSEMUN High School 2024 offered a platform for students to hone their research, public speaking, and negotiation skills, all while collaborating with peers to find solutions to major issues. LAE student Blake highlighted the potential for the development of valuable skills: "I found the MUN an incredibly exciting and thought-provoking experience that taught me so much about diplomacy and helped me improve my team-building skills."

The opportunity to debate alongside passionate and articulate peers was a key point of note for many. Mariam, who took part in one of the most challenging committees. the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), describes her experience: "The event was amazing! I have never met such well-spoken and eloquent speakers before; one of the most memorable moments was that mid-debate high where everyone was contributing great points and counterpoints, producing a really productive conversation."

We were impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by all our student delegates and were delighted when this was noted by conference chairs, who told students that their professionalism even surpassed that of many university-level MUN delegations.

Mun 24 group 2

Beyond the debates, LSE provided students with a glimpse into university life. "We also got a tour of the LSE which was very informative as it was student-led, and we got to ask questions about student life."  shares Mariam. This insider perspective offered another taste of future educational experiences for our aspiring diplomats.

We are grateful to the LSEMUN team who took time to visit LAE in January to present the event and enable the LAE MUN club to have this incredibly valuable experience  which we know will leave a lasting impression on every student who took part. The weekend was demanding and enriching as it helped develop students' critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills, while fostering a deeper understanding of international relations.  MUN now looks set to become a significant part of LAE's offering allowing students to build their confidence and communication skills and emerge as much more aware global citizens.