Posted on: January 23rd 2024

LAE/UCS Art Collaboration

University College School (UCS), one of LAE's partner schools, hosted a group of twenty-two LAE students at a creative art workshop on Tonal Work last week with students learning to paint through using tonal layers.

Ucs art groupTonal value is one of the most important aspects to painting and is even more important than colour when it comes to learning how to paint.  In their workshop, students were exposed to how light or dark something is on a scale of white to black and learnt how, even when mixing the most beautiful paint colours, the tonal values are crucial to ensuring that the painting will work. If the tonal values are correct, a work of art with 'incorrect' or experimental colours will work.

Students from both schools were able to share their love of art, and LAE students were delighted to be given access to the amazing art facilities at UCS as part of their co-curricular experience.  Year 12 and Year 13 students created some incredible works of art which we hope to be able to exhibit at LAE later this term.

UCS ark close-up    Ucs art dragon side

As our art partnership with UCS continues to go from strength to strength across the years, we remain grateful for the commitment of UCS staff to our burgeoning artists.