Posted on: January 25th 2024

Trip to Antwerp

Antwerp art corridor

In December, LAE Art History students were fortunate to be able to spend the weekend in Antwerpen, Belgium.

The trip helped to bring personal experience and understanding to students' A- level papers on European Baroque art and architecture, They were privileged to be able to view twenty-four works by renowned artist Pieter Paul Rubens, truly bringing the exceptional talents of this great old master to life.

Antwerp church


Students also visited beautiful Gothic and Baroque churches such as the Cathedral of our Lady and the Carolus Borromeus Church and were able to experience in person fantastic museums with memorable collections such as the Royal Museum of Fine Art. 

During their exhausting cultural trip, students were able to wind down with the wonderful food and modern day entertainment at the Christmas market. An experience not to be missed!



Antwerp streetview