Posted on: November 3rd 2019

My First Half Term at LAE

Year 11 had begun. And as I was starting to get used to the heavier workload and teachers constantly nagging at me, one thing was left unanswered. Which sixth form did I want to go to? And I’m sure this is a question you know all too well. Although it was early in the year, I thought it would be good for me to have a rough idea about where I wanted to go.

So, as anyone in that position would do, I went off and applied to all the open days that I could find. As I went from sixth form to sixth form, going on tours, learning about the curriculum, talking to students, nothing really stood out to me. Not until I came to LAE.

The strength in community and welcoming environment was like nothing I had seen before. The students took me in, as if I was one of their own and they seemed at genuine ease. Not stressed from hours and hours of work, or constant fear of not keeping up in class. This sparked my curiosity. So I asked, “How do you seem so chilled out in such a competitive sixth form?” And they answered. Enlightening me about the plethora of networks, clubs, games, student support and much more available at LAE. And most importantly the people there. I made a mental note of this and continued through Year 11.

Finally, results day had arrived. Elated with my results, I took the first bus I could to LAE, ready to enrol. With my subject choices of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English literature locked in, I was rearing to go. And as the first few weeks went by, I very quickly got to grips with the sheer volume of work. However somehow I was managing. Then came the realisation of what the now, year 13s had told me. And it couldn’t be closer to the truth. The abundance of support and attention provided by teachers and other students (i.e. in drop in sessions) was never lacking. This provided me with great comfort, knowing that I always had someone to turn to when struggling, not only with work, but also other aspects of my life.

My favourite thing by far at LAE are the clubs and games. I assure you many other students would agree, that clubs and sports form a fundamental part of stress relief at LAE. Whereas it is optional in other sixth forms, LAE have compulsory clubs and games. It brings people together and is a great opportunity to socialise, take your mind off of work and to stay active!

To conclude, whatever sixth form you decide to go to, ensure it is your decision. Although it is always great to seek advice, at the end of the day everyone is an individual. It is up to you to know what makes a good sixth form and what you need to remain happy and work well.

I wish you the best of luck and make sure to revise!

Nazmul Y12


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