Posted on: March 2nd 2023

History of Art Students experience Cezanne at The Tate

Ten LAE students who study history of art were fortunate enough to visit the Cezanne exhibition at The Eyal Ofer Galleries at Tate Modern. 

A pivotal figure in the world of modern art, Cezanne once claimed "With an apple, I will astonish Paris".  This exhibition allowed students to understand the artist in his own context, an ambitious painter from Aix-en Provence in the south of France who was keen to achieve success in metropolitan Paris and beyond.  

Paul Cezanne's work is characterised by a vivid colour palette and avant-garde approach to perspective and as a post-impressionist painter he became known as the 'Father of Modern Art'. 

In Joachim Gasquet's 'Cezanne: A Memoir with Conversations", Paul Cezanne is quoted as saying "I wanted to make out of Impressionism something solid and lasting like the art of the museums". Now, more than a century after his death LAE students study the life and work of Cezanne in their specification and enjoyed admiring his innovative use of colours and shapes from up close. 

Students' favourites were the many views of Mont St Victoire and of course the apples.


Cezanne Apples