Posted on: January 18th 2023

LAE takes part in The RSPB's Big School's Birdwatch

This week LAE's Nature Club took part in the RSPB’s Big School’s Birdwatch. 

We visited Stratford Park where for a period of 30 minutes we counted and recorded the different species that we saw.  One of the highlights was when two of our students spotted a bird that wasn’t on the RSPB identifier.  Using field guides, they identified it as a mistle thrush, a bird that Ms Keshishian told us she hadn't seen in London in many years. 



Mistle thrush 1200x675

Over the last 50 years 38 million birds have disappeared from UK skies as a result of nature and climate change. By taking time out to sit quietly and observe nature, LAE students experienced the added value of Citizen Science, seeing things that we wouldn’t normally see. 

LAE results will help RSPB ecologists monitor how the climate emergency and habitat loss is affecting bird biodiversity in the UK.

Our count:

  • Feral pigeon: 79
  • Blackheaded gull: 32
  • Wood pigeon: 10
  • Carrion crow: 8
  • Robin: 4
  • Blue tit: 3
  • Mistle thrush: 1