Posted on: March 12th 2024

Oxbridge Success

The LAE is renowned for the unwavering support we give in guiding students towards top universities, both domestically and internationally, and we are delighted to report that an impressive 13% of our Year 13 cohort have secured offers from the highly prestigious Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

This year we can celebrate that, for the first time in our history, offers from Cambridge have been matched by offers from Oxford, with record numbers of LAE students securing places on some of the most competitive degrees, including Medicine, Pure Mathematics, and PPE.

But it’s about more than just the numbers of bright young people that are succeeding.  LAE prioritises nurturing each student's potential and aspirations alongside the wellbeing of every individual.  We would like to highlight just two of our many outstanding students who are on the path to Oxbridge:  Emmanuel, aiming for Computer Science at Cambridge, and Fatima, setting her sights on Law at Oxford.

University of Cambridge logo

Emmanuel, University of Cambridge offer-holder: Computer Science

As a young Black man from East London, Emmanuel views securing a place to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge as not only a testament to his personal success, but as a way to inspire future generations within his community.

He credits LAE with playing a pivotal role in this journey describing how the school's focus on academic support and fostering potential helped him discover his passion for computer science. Through his EPQ and CPQ, he was able to delve deeper into the subject, solidifying his academic aspirations.  Emmanuel also actively participated in extracurricular activities like football and piano, demonstrating his well-rounded personality and dedication to self-improvement.

Noting how rigorous the interview process at Cambridge was, Emmanuel credits the valuable feedback he had received from mentors and teachers and how his confidence grew with mock interviews and virtual programs allowing him to showcase his skills effectively: “I had two interviews (two people each) within the space of around two hours and was required to use my reasoning skills a lot to work through logic-based questions with the interviewers. I feel that showing that you are engaged and having the willingness to ask for help are the most important things to display during the interview as they demonstrate that you are eager.”

Emmanuel would like to encourage future applicants to start building their academic interests early and to never lose faith. He emphasises the importance of perseverance, even when faced with daunting acceptance rate statistics: “My advice would be to start building a strong academic interest as soon as possible since Cambridge are only looking for academics with the most potential in their eyes; without an interest you are wasting your time! Moreover, I would say to have faith because multiple times during the process, from application to the interview, you will have doubts and worries about whether you are good enough. Personally, I did not let the 8% acceptance rate for computer science extinguish my faith in God, but instead I persevered, and it paid off.”

Emmanuel’s faith is now being put to good use in his studies and preparations for his forthcoming A-level examinations and we wish him all the best.

Oxford universityFatima, University of Oxford offer-holder: Law

Fatima, a year 13 student at LAE, is thrilled to have secured a place to study Law at Oxford University. She tells us that she isn’t drawn to the traditional legal curriculum. Instead, it is the "why" behind the law that fascinates her. She is looking forward to the opportunity to delve into the historical and philosophical underpinnings of legal systems, a desire that resonates with Oxford's focus on critical analysis.

LAE has played a crucial role in helping Fatima refine her goals and enjoy her KS5 experience: “I chose to attend LAE because it had a good reputation for academic excellence, while also not being too intense, you get to have a social life too.”

Fatima credits the school's supportive environment, exemplified by Dr. Pancaldi's guidance on her personal statement, in providing a solid foundation to her success. Mock interviews, like those arranged with Eton College, further honed her interview skills, and exposed her strengths and weaknesses

Beyond academics, Fatima actively participated in the Amnesty Youth club, demonstrating her social conscience and commitment to justice. Work experience at law firms and a forensic accounting firm gave her a taste of the legal world in action, solidifying her passion for the field.  Fatima’s extensive reading on legal topics helped her to discover areas that sparked her curiosity and showcased her process of researching and forming her own opinions.  Every element of Fatima’s journey at LAE helps to paint a picture of a well-rounded individual with a genuine passion for law.

While motivated to succeed, Fatima's determination was never dampened by setbacks. Even when she doubted her performance on the LNAT exam, she remained focused on excelling in other aspects of her application. She feels that this perseverance is a valuable lesson for any aspiring Oxbridge applicant.

Fatima advises future aspiring Oxbridge students to never give up:New law logo 630x300 “Don't stop putting in effort if you feel that one thing hasn't gone exactly as you wanted. I think my Personal Statement helped me stand out because it clearly showed I was genuinely very passionate and interested in studying Law. A tip specifically for Law degree applicants is to ask yourself why you want to study Law at university instead of opting for a conversion course after graduation, focus on why you want to take Law as an academic subject rather than as a career.