Posted on: February 6th 2024

Baroness Parminter visits LAE

LAE was privileged to host Baroness Parminter, chair of the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee, on 23rd January 2024.

We were honoured by this visit following LAE students' contributions to the Lord’s inquiry on electric vehicles (EVs).  This inquiry focused on the importance of the decarbonisation of transport and transition to EVs to secure Net Zero targets.   You can find out more about  'EV strategy: rapid recharge needed' on the UK Parliament website and an enhanced summary of the findings of the report, which was published today, is available here

Baroness Parminter dined with three students, their teacher and LAE headteacher, Mr Crossman. Students shared their ideas on ways to reduce petrol cars and how to make electric vehicles a more viable option for widespread use.  They said:

“Having the privilege to speak to the head of the Climate Committee helped excel and build our knowledge on what we had learned in our previous sessions surrounding the Electric Vehicles enquiry. We had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Baroness Parminter, an opportunity we would not have had otherwise. She told us about all the different projects she had been involved in and all the different contributions she had delivered to the Government, specifically surrounding climate reform.”

After lunch, Baroness Parminter attended a year 12 politics lesson. She also delivered an interesting lecture to Year 12 and 13 informing them of the different roles and structures within the House of Lords and its differences to the House of Commons. She took time to answer students questions on the environment, reform of the House of Lords, and scrutinising government policy.

Baroness Parminter's visit to the London Academy of Excellence was impactful giving students an amazing insight into the workings of the House of Lords, and everyone who attended the lecture learned something of value.