Posted on: November 28th 2023

LAE vs Caterham Sports Event

LAE’s football, netball and table tennis teams had an incredibly successful and enjoyable afternoon of sport at Caterham on Thursday while LAE staff attended inset day!

Our netball team participated in a combined training session and played a series of games winning their first 7-0.  They went on to win another three of their matches.

LAE Netball Nov 23Sumaya Riaz was our Outstanding Player of the Day and Tara Adebola displayed amazing talent as the Most Talented Player on Court.    Both students were commended by the Caterham Netball Coach.

Team List:  Alex Constantinescu, Emmanuel Perez, Leoni Pollard Khan, Rehab Quershi, Sumaya Riaz, Tara Adebola


In Football the LAE team played a fantastic game winning 4-1 against fierce competition.   The entire team are to be congratulated for their skills on the pitch but LAE Football Team Nov 23special mention goes to the outstanding effort of Christian Labella who scored 3 goals and assisted with the 4th earning him the title of Man of the Match. 

Team List: Aadem Rehman, Aeloniaeb Haban, Andrew Aperti, Christian Labella, Dave Chekwone, Elliot Baiden, Emmanuel Toko, Fabian Showkat, Kaisaan Bin-Dawud, Leon IIoanya, Rafi Hassan, Russell McDonnell, Sufyan El-Kettas, Vahin Parti and Yasser Ayoub

Our Table Tennis team played several matches, both doubles and singles, against Caterham students, some of whom were also Surrey County Players.   We are extremely proud of our whole team,  and their exceptional skills, who went on to win the majority of the matches on the day.

Team List: Alex Tran, Josiah Tse, Kazi Hossain, Mahmud Rahman, Marco Pieroni