Posted on: October 5th 2017

Harvard visits the UK to meet with LAE students!

Student recruiters from the prestigious US university visited LAE yesterday to encourage our Year 12 students to apply.

Janet Irons, Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard and Stuart Gordon Head of UK Outreach delivered a lecture to all our Year 12 students. Harvard targeted LAE as a school which regularly sends large numbers of students to Russell Group universities in the UK, but do not have a tradition of sending students to US colleges and they would like us to know more about the process.

Janet deals with all the applications submitted to Harvard College by students from UK schools and colleges. The talk Stuart and Janet delivered was fantastic and covered the following topics:


  • What are US universities looking for?
  • What application materials and testing are required? 
  • What is the recommended timeline for application?
  • What financial aid is available?
  • Where do I find out more to help me apply?


We look forward to supporting more of our students through the UK and US University admissions process.


Good luck everyone!

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