Posted on: October 9th 2015

Partner School Visits

Throughout the Autumn Term, Y12 sixth formers visited their buddies at our Partner Schools. A summary of each visit can be seen below:

Brighton by Jerrin Abdin

The trip to Brighton College was an amazing opportunity for me to connect with other people who I may not have ever met before if it wasn't for the trip; I made new friends who I have been staying in touch with and more importantly I found friends who were just like me or picked similar subjects. When we had arrived at Brighton College, the welcome was extremely warm, it didn't feel as though we were strangers but I felt like this was a normal day at LAE, the students were extremely friendly and were ready to offer help when I was showing signs of confusion in English when they were discussing "A brave new world". Natasha, my buddy, had not just been a host, showing me around her college but she became my friend and we had made plans for when she comes down to London in two weeks time to go out alongside some of her other friends.

The best part of the Brighton trip was meeting new people; this gave everyone the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and talk to people who they don't know, I am very social anyway but even those who are normally relatively shy had come out of their shell and had "non-awkward" conversations.

Caterham by Rory D'Angelo

The visit to Caterham School on Wednesday 7th October was a resounding success among LAE students, who were partnered for the day with a student at Caterham and participated in a range of unique activities. We took part in a lesson for a subject that LAE and Caterham student were studying, and had the chance to take part in one of three activities; sightseeing of the local area, wall climbing or a high ropes activity, all of which were thoroughly enjoyable. The day established an important connection between LAE and Caterham, and I hope we have many similar opportunities in the future. We look forward to welcoming our buddies to LAE on 20 January. 

Eton by Abdul Kawser

On Wednesday 7 of October, year 12’s in Eton House visited their partner school, Eton College - situated in Windsor. The prestigious and well renowned educational institution where 19 UK prime ministers were educated at including: David Cameron, Harold Macmillan and Robert Walpole. Anticipations were tremendously high or most likely it was just me being extremely excited.

Each year 12 was partnered with an Eton buddy - specifically according to common AS subject being studied - who were then given a brief overview of what a student’s life was like at Eton College. I was taken to my buddy’s oppidan house (buildings where 50 boys live) and I was absolutely astounded, but yet confused, at how they use specific terminology. Did you know that lessons are called ‘divs?’ A ‘pop’ means a prefect, a specific subject lesson is regarded as a ‘school’ and sixth formers are acknowledged as ‘specialists?’ 

I attended my partner’s subject lesson (Geography) for a double session - each lasting 40 minutes. It was a privilege to go over some topics of rivers and I was able to showcase the other Eton students in the class my geographical knowledge by illustrating a storm hydrograph – a topic they had not covered at that time. It was an absolute pleasure to witness one of the most historically renowned schools in England and we hope to visit Eton College once again in the future. We look forward to give a warm welcome to our Eton buddies at LAE in due time.

Forest by Pavan Bains

On Wednesday 7th October, Forest House had the wonderful opportunity to visit and experience life at our partner school. From the scenic walk to the school to our experiences at the school, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed. Upon arrival, we were enlightened to know the history of Forest, and were impressed to know how many people from Forest have greatly contributed to shaping the world we live in today. Upon receiving a tour from easily noticeable prefects in blue gowns, the students of the London Academy of Excellence gained a grand appreciation for prestigious buildings.

The highlight of the day was inevitably the presentations on several controversial issues, presented by LAE students themselves, for example: China’s one-child policy and university fees. The event progressively led to several heated and extremely engaging debates, in which the immense variety of skills that the Forest house has were displayed for everyone to see. This trip highlighted the pride that everyone should have to be in Forest House.

Highgate by Salma Miah and Aysha Battiwala 

On Tuesday 8th of September, Highgate House visited Highgate School in order to experience a day of student life at Highgate. When arriving, we were amazed by the history of the building and what a happy community they had where students clearly enjoyed their school life and had achieved a balance between academic studies and friendships, thereby resulting in fantastic grades as well as having an enjoyable experience.  

We were warmly welcomed with a talk by the Headmaster and ex-students of Highgate sixth form. It was amazing to see how past students have achieved their intellectual pursuits and the success they have achieved. They shared their experience at Highgate with us which allowed us to have an insight into what it was like to study at Highgate which was in parallel with the views of current students.

We were then allocated a year 12 buddy who were selected based on the AS subjects we studied. They were very welcoming and kindly showed us around the school. Also, we were fortunate to be able to take part in their lessons. There was an obvious excitement for learning in each lesson and we were lucky enough to see the high level of teaching they are privileged with. After a relaxing enjoyable lunch, we continued with taking part in their lessons. The teachers were very welcoming and made us feel comfortable. In some lessons, such as biology, we had the privilege to participate in a class experiment. By the end of the trip, we made new friends and had an incredible experience. It was wonderful to see all aspects of Highgate School and we are grateful to the students and teachers of Highgate for their hospitality. We hope our partnership continues and look forward to having the opportunity to visit again.


On Tuesday 8 September, UCS House visited University College School in leafy Hampstead. Notable highlights include a fascinating lesson on the development of the American Dream from 1917-1996, where certain LAE students proved their historical prowess by answering difficult questions and debating with their UCS colleagues (most impressive, considering the fact that LAE historians specialise on the century prior to this). Sixth formers were also given a tour of the impressive facilities (including the UCS pool!) and library which stocks an unbelievable 45,000 books.  A scrumptious lunch was followed by an engaging and inspiring talk on psychology and the varying developmental states of students, given by an old UCS alumnus. Ultimately the day was a resounding success, telephone numbers were exchanged between students and their buddies and the promise of further collaboration is particularly exciting for all involved.  We can’t wait to welcome our buddies back to LAE - we might not have a pool but we have the Olympic Park!